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Ballbusting Girls Workout - Ballbiting, Ballbusting Instruction, Ball Kicking and More!

Ballbusting Girls Workout is preparing to bring you the hottest girls doing what they love best - busting your balls. Included in our members area, you will find:

  • Ballbiting
  • Ball Kicking
  • Ball Punching
  • Ball Squeezing
  • Ball Smacking
  • Ballbusting Instruction
  • Bonus Fetish Content
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Ballbusting Girls News & Updates

Ball Busting Pain By Gisella

Ball Busting Pain By Gisella Gisella just attacks his balls. She hits his nuts with punches, kicks, squeezes, and more. It’s hard to know what Gisella’s favorite ballbust is because she seems to want to try them all. Gisella seems to be wearing out his pain tolerance because with every kick he becomes weaker and goes down easier. Which bust will drop him to the ground?

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Gisella Busts Cum Out Of Balls

Gisella Busts Cum Out Of Balls Gisella wants a raise at work and this is her way of getting it! She hits his balls while stroking his cock and makes her boss cum hard from ballbusting. Not before having him sign papers to raise her salary though! Gisella beats her bosses balls until he cums and then tells him how great it is to have so much more money each week!

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Gisella Busts Boss

Gisella Busts Boss Gisella’s boss is acting like a real asshole but she has a way to remedy that. When he insist on her report being done she busts his balls and makes him her bitch! She kicks his balls and then squeezes and punches them. The boss can’t handle this ballbusting and has to give in to her demands!

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Needle Nuts

Needle Nuts Goddess Ashton has some dirty ways for you to abuse your balls just for her! Goddess Ashton loves to make you ballbust yourself for her pleasure and amusement. This time she has some suggestions that involve a need and then a good ball paddling!

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Jocelyn Ballbusting

Jocelyn Ballbusting Jocelyn needs a workout and she is already in her gym clothes. Cute shorts, a sports bra, and sneakers. Jocelyn has the perfect idea about how to work out and that is to kick some balls! She wants to see if she can leave a sneaker print on his nuts. Punching and kicking balls is a real ballbusting workout!

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Trisha and Stella Talk Ballbusting

Trisha and Stella Talk Ballbusting Super hotties Trisha and Stella talk about ballbusting and what they will do to your nuts! These girls love to put your balls in pain and they will do whatever possible to make sure you go down and do not come back up. They want to make your balls feel so much pain that you cry! You can’t handle these two ballbusting babes!

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Big Book Ballbusting Assignment

Big Book Ballbusting Assignment Goddess Ashton loves when you abuse your own balls for her. In this ballbusting assignment Goddess Ashton instructs you to place your sensitive delicate nuts between the pages of a large book and then slowly close the book so your nuts get smashed. Goddess Ashton loves to laugh at your pain! Do as she tells you because your balls belong to the Goddess.

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Masseuse Ballbusting Surprise

Masseuse Ballbusting Surprise He goes in to see the sexy masseuse to work out the kinks in his back but she is about to show him what ballbusting kink looks like! She works his back but soon finds her way to his naked balls. She relieves his muscle tension with ball biting, slapping, squeezing and punching. The masseuse tries out one of her massage hammers on his nuts! Best massage he ever had.

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Trisha and Stella Ballbusting Dildo

Trisha and Stella Ballbusting Dildo Trisha and Stella are going to tear your nuts up! Watch as they talk ballbusting smack and show you on a dildo exactly what they want to do to your balls! The two hot babes trample the dildo and make you feel the pain of ballbusting!

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Ashton Talks Dick Abuse

Ashton Talks Dick Abuse Goddess Ashton loves to make you hurt your balls. She gets off on it! Please Goddess Ashton by completing her ballbusting instructions. Squeeze and hurt your balls for Goddess Ashton! Make her pussy wet by abusing your nuts.

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